Pali Dept. – University of Mumbai

The OCBS has for many years been working in collaboration with the the Pali Department at the University of Mumbai.  Inspired by the exceptional results achieved by Dr. Yojana Bhagat and her team, both Prof. Gombrich and our Fellow, Dr. Alex Wynne, have held courses there.

Students from this department have also visited Oxford to study in our Pali Advanced Reading Course, which is made possible thanks to the generous support of the Dhammachai International Research Institute, and Dhammachai Education Foundation.

In 2014 the Institute got an opportunity from Indian Institute of Buddhist Studies (IIBS), Pune to participate in our conference – Buddhism Rejoins the Great Conversation in India – jointly organised by OCBS and IIBS, Pune which was acclaimed by all who attended.

Pali Advanced Reading Course 2019 - including students from Mumbai
Pali Advanced Reading Course 2019 – including students from Mumbai

As well as working on a Marathi version of our signature Pali course, we look forward to many more years of fruitful collaboration in the development and renaissance of Pali and Buddhist Studies.


“I am always greatly impressed by the excellence of the University of Mumbai’s students, under the tutelage of Dr. Yojana Bhagat.  Their seriousness of intent and devotion to study is always of the highest calibre.  The future of Pali studies is bright with this pioneering department in operation.”

Prof. Richard Gombrich
OCBS Academic Director
Emeritus Boden Professor of Sanskrit at Oxford University