Clair Linzey



Clair Linzey is the Deputy Director of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and Associate Editor of the Journal of Animal Ethics.

She graduated first in her class with First Class Honours from the University of St Andrews, Scotland (2002-2006), with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies. While studying at St Andrews, she won a string of prizes, including the Samuel Rutherford Prize for outstanding achievement in Senior Honours, the Norman H. G. Robinson Book Prize for achievement in Senior Honours, the A. H. Johnstone Memorial Medal for outstanding achievement in Junior Honours, the John Hope Prize for achievement in Junior Honours, the Hamilton Bursary for academic merit, the Agnes Anderson Prize for outstanding examination performance, the Wemyss Bursary for academic merit, and the Yeomann Bursary for academic merit.

She was awarded the Monrad Scholarship and William Honeymoon Gillespie Scholarship to study at Harvard Divinity School, where she gained her Masters in Theological Studies from Harvard University in 2008. During her time at Harvard, she was a member of the Editorial Review Board ofCulture: The Graduate Journal of Harvard Divinity School, and was a research assistant for Professor Philip Clayton helping to produce Arthur Peacocke’s All That Is: A Naturalistic Faith for the Twenty First Century, edited by Philip Clayton (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2007).

While at Harvard Divinity School, Clair won a place on their International Summer Field Education Placement in 2007. She spent the summer in Nicaragua where she taught in a rural school and travelled the country learning about its history and the growth of liberation theology. This, combined with her life-long commitment to animal protection, resulted in an interest in ecological and liberation theologies in South America. She is currently pursuing a PhD under Professor Mario Aguilar at the University of St Andrews on the Ecological Theology of Leonardo Boff with special consideration of the place of animals.

She is currently writing, with Andrew Linzey, a series of articles, including entries for the Vocabulary for the Study of Religion, the Encyclopedia of Bioethics 4th Edition, the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Ethics, and the Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics.

For more details on Clair Linzey please visit The Ferrater Mora Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics and the Journal of Animal Ethics.