Pali Reading Club

Pali Reading Club (PRC) is a reading group led by Dr. Alex Wynne designed mainly for people who have previously taken the Pali Summer School, or Online School, with Prof. Richard Gombrich as well as those who possess similar levels of knowledge of Pali. The aim is to provide a place for group effort and collaboration in continuing studies of Pali. You can ask each other or ask Alex questions, work together and read roughly three pages of Pali text per week. This way we can ensure a steady pace of progress without burdening your life.

The PRC has three terms a year.


  • Michaelmas Term, 10 weeks beginning Sunday October 1st, reading: Majjhima Nikāya Suttas.
  • Hilary Term, 10 weeks beginning Sunday January 7th, reading: Vinaya Mahāvagga, on the foundation of the Buddhist order
  • Trinity Term, 10 weeks beginning Sunday April 15, reading: Saṃyutta Nikāya I, Devatā-saṃyutta.


In order to participate, you will need a copy of Warder, Geiger and of course, PED.

The group meets weekly at 4pm GMT, Sundays, via Zoom.

Course materials are held on coursesites, and an account will be set up for you when you register.


£82 – One term (10 weeks)

£230 – Discounted price for paying one year in advance. (30 weeks)

Payment to OCBS is preferred by cheque. Alternatively payment can be sent via PayPal, which accepts credit cards. In this latter case we kindly ask that you cover transaction fees.


You can view our Privacy Notice here.

  • If you graduated from the Pali Summer School, please include which year and how much (or little) you have kept it up.
  • We will attempt to guess your time zone based on this information.
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