Pali Development Project

OCBS Pali Development Project

The OCBS has for many years been a place where Pali studies have thrived. Students come from all over the world to the annual Pali Summer School, which is always full. In addition to this, Professor Richard Gombrich gives private tuition to many people who approach him. The Journal has also hosted several papers on Pali scholarship.

To support the growth of Pali scholarship all over the world, the OCBS is launching its Pali Hub project. The aim of this project is to create a hub that brings together all facets of Pali scholarship to generate and develop an academic community devoted to carrying Pali forward and thereby give access to the oldest written teachings of Buddhism.

This project includes the following:

Pali Online School

The OCBS is trialling a new Pali Online School. This is designed to make the groundbreaking Pali Summer School course available to many more people. Students go from total beginner to being able to read original Buddhist suttas in less than 4 weeks. FUNDED SUCCESSFULLY

Pali Teacher Training

The OCBS is developing a Pali teacher training course so that alumni of the course who wish to become teachers have a training pathway to follow and can deliver the Pali Summer School experience in their own localities. Funding needed: $10,000 per student.

Pali Reading Group

The Pali Reading Group provides a new online group for all alumni of the Pali Course to meet and continue their studies through a community of their peers. FUNDED SUCCESSFULLY


This online resource provides the opportunity for individuals to trial their own translations of the Pali Canon, and receive feedback. FUNDED SUCCESSFULLY

Pali Hub

This will be an online hub containing detailed information on all Pali scholarship. Starting with the digitized archive of Professor Richard Gombrich’s work, we would like to be able to host work of other scholars as well. Where hosting is not possible, the Pali Hub will provide comprehensive details about where to find the work. Funding needed: £25,000.