OCBS DIRI Lectures Michaelmas 2023

These lectures were presented in the Michaelmas term of 2023 by Dr. Alexander Wynne, as a collaboration between the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies, and the Dhammachai Internationsl Research Institute

Suicide, Meditation and Anti-realism: Three Problems in the Study of Early Buddhism

This lecture series will consider three apparently distinct problems in the study of early Buddhism: one ethical (suicide), one spiritual (meditation) and one metaphysical (anti-realism). By bringing out underlying connections and discontinuities between these subjects, the lectures will show how early Buddhism was decisively shaped by two forces: an ascetic spirituality based on the practice of mindfulness, and rooted in metaphysical anti-realism; and a heterodox Brahminic tradition of renunciation, stemming from the early Upaniṣads, and transmitting a tradition of calm meditation. Understanding early Buddhism in its historical context, and trying to draw out the implicit meaning of obscure canonical Suttas, these lectures will present the nascent Buddhist movement afresh as a creative fusion of two distinct streams of speculation.

1. Suicide  https://youtube.com/live/b_YT8mjMNdI

2. Meditation https://youtu.be/MrIJBTM-2Xo

3. Anti-realism  https://youtube.com/live/lfO5am9Cvkk