Previous Lectures Archive

Over the coming months we will be making all previously recorded lectures available through this site.  Until then,  please refer to the list below.  If there is one in particular you would like to hear then please email to request it.

Rebuilding the Navel of the Earth: Buddhist Pilgrimage and  Transnational Religious Networks in BodhGayā

Delivered by Dr. David Geary for the OCBS on the 10th October 2011

Emptiness in Mahayana Buddhist Philosophy: Interpretations and Comparisons.

Given by Dr. David Burton for the OCBS on 17th October 2011.

Moralism and Colonialism in Sinhala Buddhist Poetry

Given by Dr Stephen Berkwitz for the OCBS on 24th October 2011.

The Essence and Appeal of Engaged Buddhism in Contemporary Taiwan

Given by Dr. Yu-shuang Yao for the OCBS on 14th November 2011

Narrative Transmission in the Suttas of the Majjhima Nikaya

Given by Bruno Galasek for the OCBS on 21st November 2011

Dharmakirti and the Mimamsakas in  Conflict

Given by Prof. John Taber for the OCBS on 28th November 2011.

Panentheism and the Longevity Practices of Tibetan Buddhism

Given by Professor Geoffrey Samuel for the OCBS on 23rd January 2012.

Contamination and Purification of the Person according to Yogācāra Sources

Given by Dr. Jowita Kramer for the OCBS on 30th January 2012.

How is the Pali Canon a Sacred Text?  Exploring Answers from 12th Century Sri Lanka and 18th Century Burma.

Given by Mr Alistair Gornall for the OCBS on 6th February 2012.

Asoka and the development of the Cakravartin image.

Given by Mr Charles Allen for the OCBS on 13th February 2012.

Are Yogācāra and Madhyamaka Allies or Rivals?

Given by Mr Greg Seton for the OCBS on 5th March 2012

Emerging independent scientific support from modern cognitive sciences for the original version of the Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Given by Dr. Lobsang Rapgay at the OCBS offices on 8th March 2012.

Images of the Buddha on Coins

Given by Dr. Shailendra Bhandare for the OCBS on 21st May 2012

Shan Sermons

Given by Professor Nicola Tannenbaum for the OBCS on 7th May 2012

Chiasmus in the Early Prajñāpāramitā

Due to technical difficulties we are not able to present this talk but Ven. Dr. Hui-feng has kindly provided us with a recording of a similar talk he gave at IABS.

Buddhist Monastic Education in Contemporary Taiwan RoC

Given by Ven. Dr. Hui-feng for the OCBS on 11th February 2013

The Buddha and religious diversity

Given by Dr. J. Abraham Vélez de Cea for the OCBS on 18th February 2013

Buddhism in China Today

Given by Ven. Dr. Yifa for the OCBS on 20 April 2013

Taixu and the Modernization of Chinese Buddhism

A talk given by Dr. Eric Goodell for the OCBS on 30 July 2013

The Life and Koan Teachings of Chan Master Xuedou (980-1052)

A talk given by Dr Yi-hsun Huang for the OCBS on 30 July 2013

Buddhist narratives of peace and conflict in Myanmar

A talk given by Dr Matthew Walton for the OCBS on 4 November 2013

The medicinal accomplishment (sman sgrub) practice in the Dudjom meteoric iron razor (gnam lcags spu gri) tradition: reflections on the ritual and meditative practice at a monastery in Southern Bhutan

A talk given by Dr Cathy Cantwell for the OCBS on 17 February 2014.

Reflections on the nature of, and attitudes to, becoming (bhava) in the Pali tradition

A talk given by Professor Peter Harvey for the OCBS on 10 March 2014.

The Globalization of Shin Buddhism

A talk given by Dr Louella Matsunaga for the OCBS on 13 October, 2014.

The Syntax of Unreal Things: Madhyamaka, the Abhidharma, and Sanskrit Grammar

A talk given by Dr Mattia Salvini for the OCBS on 10 November, 2014.

A possible Buddhist influence on Chinese political thought.

A talk given by Professor Timothy Barrett for the OCBS on 24 November, 2014.

Translating the Lives of the Buddha on the Roof of the World

A talk by Dr Camillo Formigatti for the OCBS on 16 February, 2015.

From a research question to an impact case: the study of Buddhist nunnery schools in Myanmar

A lecture given by Dr Hiroko Kawanami for the OCBS on 2 February, 2014.